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I am a great fan of space travel, that explains the rocket theme for my website. I watched in awe on July 20, 1969 as the first men walked on the moon. I wanted to be a astronaut, never mine I was a girl. Well that was not God's plan for my life. My asthma and glasses kept me out of the space program, but I went on to other great adventures.

Lately that adventure is my new business as professional website designer - If you are looking for the most inexpensive way to get a professionally designed website for your business or organization. Our 1 page website package is only $99 / year. 

I  started my website designing in 1996 with the development  of a web presence for Citizens For A Better America (CFABA.ORG). As a 'not for profit' political organization working to elect morality and values based candidates to office in the United States of America, they could not afford much. 

So, I taught myself what I needed to know to make a website and I learned how to take advantage of the many free and almost free softwares and services of the early Internet years. This made me a strong supporter of Open Source Architecture, and Public Domain licensing. For example, this pages template and the images on this page are public domain. 

The Open Source Architecture, and Public Domain and Shareware licensing really have gone along way in making the Internet open to everyone. When I can I make my stuff Public Domain or at least Creative Commons with Attribution I do. 

I started this page to cover some of the things that are just not covered by my professional websites. One of those is my contest entries, another is a place to list my favorite websites recommendations. Lastly it is a place for me to share my Public Domain or Creative Commons with Attribution work. You can check out my Nightsky contest entry below for some of my photos.

Don't miss My Valentine Love Letter. I sent it out by email but for those who can not see all the graphics I also posted it here. A LOVE LETTER

If you missed me for awhile, it was not my fault. I had my domain stolen for awhile, but I have it back now. The registration company for my domain, which I may name sometime, would not give me access to it. As a website designer that is a big deal, as you can imagine. I do not use them anymore if you wondered. i may have more about this at our political action website Citizens For A Better America (CFABA.ORG).

side My Contest Entries and Winners:


D.R.O.D. Deadly Rooms Of Death

Don't be thrown by the name it really is a family friendly mind challenging game. It stars a sword welding dungeon cleaners Beethro and  killing infestations of roaches and other such beasties.

My Website Style Contest Entries:

Nov. 2007 DROD - The Media of the Eighth contest 

My First Place Winning Entry: My Media of the Eighth Entry

"The Media of the Eighth Our official contest of November is a creativity contest."

"The aim of the contest is to design the front page of an imaginary newspaper (tabloid, magazine, etc.) of Beethro's world "The Eighth". The newspaper may be one from the aboveground kingdoms or one from the Empire or one from the Smitemaster's Guild, etc."  POLL CLOSED

Just a note: I have been entering the monthly contests since Dec. 2004, this was my very first win.

Dec. 2007 DROD - Secret Santa contest 
My First Place Winning Entry: My NightSky Entry

The Wish and the Fulfillment - 2 part contest consisting of making a wish and fulfilling another entrants wish.  POLL CLOSED

NEW Resolutions of the new year. (Our contest for January 2009)
Once again I get to use my website skills when I create my entry, lets see how this one does:

How it will work - This contest will consist of 3 rounds. First, which will last a week, is the proposal stage. Basically, you write what you want to do by the end of the month. It could be to write a story, it could be to make a hold, design a drawing, create a video or some kind of artistic endeavor that you can show off and exhibit.  [..."we have 3rd place tie! brian_s and techant's entries have the same rating"] 

"Techant gets the third place! Congrats!", says the contest host. The winner was "Resolution:I will learn and make a video of Bach's Presto from Sonata #1 for Unaccompanied Violina" His recorded video of the performance took first place, congratulations.