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  The Smitemaster Guilds' Weekly

Higher Onsuary Floods
Make Annual Picnic
A Great Success!

This years Smitemasters' Guild Annual Picnic was great fun for all. We had a wonderful turn out. The extra high Onsuary flood waters this year kept many Smitemasters out of work but on the other hand the promise of so much work ahead lifted everyone spirits and they were now free to attend the picnic.


Once again Hallholder Bombus Gadhan and his wife Estellia were chosen as the King and Queen of the picnic. This makes it the 28th year they have both held that honor.


With over 42 entrants in this years food contests, there were many, to say, interesting dishes. The first place winners for the three main categories were: Beethro Budkin for his Main Dish 'Ground Roach on a Stick', Greata Greyley for her Drink 'Purple LeafJuice Surprise' and Haldly Meshro for his Desert 'Gooey Eyeball Pudding'.

The kids were kept out of almost everyones way most of the time. There were boat races on the Great Grass Hill and five legged races around the pond. Other games that the kids enjoyed were 'Mimic vs Mimic', where the trick is to not do what the mimic does unless he says, "Mimic Says." Other favorites were 'Dodge the Wabba' and 'Hide the Slud'.

There was great music as well, Jumbo Krood and his band played Mumpa waltzes and some new tunes from South of Blome. Couples danced till the band refused to play any longer due to fatigue. More...(Page 2)

New Novice Class 


Swordwork Classes Begin Soon Sign Up Now!!

This years Exterminating awards and certifications were handed out by  Hallholder Bombus Gadhan. Twenty-three young wannabe Smitemaster's were sworn in as apprentices. These should help with the large number of jobs expected from the summer floods. A group of nine out of what was twenty one, were promoted from apprentices to novices, that is not enough! Hopefully these new classes will increase the number of novices we keep this year. Sign-Up Form on Page 3!!

Emergency Addition to Next Meeting Agenda !!

Because of Lord Spittlefeister's new ideas about no doors in his dungeon design a special emergency addition to the agenda of the next meeting has been made. Discussions will be held to discuss how this will affect Seeding Complaints'.


Help Wanted:

Blorn is in need of workers to push crates, apply at the Blorn town hall.


Clockweight lifters needed for weekends, see Laure Notsolate 


Babysitter needed, 8 kids various ages under 10, contact Beettra Verr  


Jumbo Krood's band needs some back up players so auditions will be held in two weeks, before the next meeting.


You got something you need done? Post it here. See me at the meeting. 

Weekly Puzzle!


Are You An Expert Swordsmite?

1. If you could - which square would you want to start from and what direction would your sword be in? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

2. If you could - which square would you want to start from if your sword started like the one shown?  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

3. Could you survive if you arrived with your sword facing SE? Which square would you want to arrive on. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

Answers from last weeks puzzle can be found on Page 3 Under the Obituary Section.